Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth
Jim Gilkeson
Reviews for Energy Healing

"This book, by itself, can unleash your natural healing abilities and teach you to become an effective healer—a remarkable achievement."

author of Healing With Love

"Energy Healing is the best book I've seen on this subject, and over the last 25 years I've scanned two or three dozen. Not only is Jim's book well written, but it is unusually interesting because he describes his own development as a healer. From a prospective client's point of view this is extremely reassuring.

In addition, the energy and methodology discussions are superbly well organized, so well, in fact, that it clarified things for me that Edgar Cayce and other well-known teachers referred to, but never succeeded in explaining simply, clearly, and logically. Some of this clarity, I note, comes from Beth Budesheim's illustrations. She and Jim Gilkeson are a good team.

A final point: Jim's orientation toward healing is open-ended. It allows (enables) a physical "healing" to have emotional, mental, and spiritual effects. He may start on earth, teaching clients how to control their own energies for physical health, but at the same time they learn how to discard useless emotional and mental baggage. This, to my way of thinking, is the sign of a complete healer."

Research Director, Dove Health Alliance,
Director Emeritus, the Menninger Clinic's Biofeedback Center,
author of Beyond Biofeedback and The Ozawkie Book of the Dead

"Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth is a book which will surely become a 'must' for all engaged in self-growth and healing. This is a healer's textbook. It is comprehensive, thorough, and clearly stated. Yet it is also more than this—it is a shared journey, full of personal experience and completely free from pomposity. The language is clear, creative and fun.

There is an abundance of practical, sound exercises for those developing sensitivity and their ability to heal self and others. These exercises are clearly described and the participant feels cared for when undertaking them, because no stages are missed and transitions from subtle experience to the normal world are well handled.
I would not hesitate to recommend this book to anyone exploring, or training in, the world of healing."

psychotherapist, healer, channel, trainer of healers
author of Working with Your Chakras, Chakras—A New Approach to Healing Your Life, and The River of Life: A Guide to Your Spiritual Journey

"ENERGY HEALING is an exciting, inspiring, and invigorating addition to the field. Written by a gifted teacher and master clinician, Jim offers the reader a combination of substantial investigation, folksy wisdom, and enough provocative experiences for a lifetime, or two."

director of the Hakomi Institute and author of
Crossings: Everyday People, Unexpected Events,
and Life-Affirming Change

"ENERGY HEALING is an excellent, practical sourcebook that brings powerful healing tools down from the mountaintop into our living rooms. I'm particularly impressed with the spiritual foundation work that Gilkeson gives the budding healer. I can't wait to offer this book to the clients and practitioners at my healing center."

author of Healing Your Rift With God: A Guide to Spiritual
Renewal and Ultimate Healing and co-founder of Integrated Healing Arts and
Pathways to Self-Healing, holistic clinics in Palo Alto, California

"ENERGY HEALING is a "must read" for those who practice energy healing and for those wishing to learn about and engage in such practices. It is written from a wise and balanced perspective, and points out both the extreme benefits that can be achieved through energy medicine and healing, and some of the crucial pitfalls that may be encountered. Written in a well-organized, interesting, and clear manner, it sets a tone for personal growth and responsible practice. I recommend this book."

1998-99 co-president of
the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM),
author of Inner Counselor and Landscapes of the Heart

"ENERGY HEALING is a workbook that not only provides healing exercises but also personal guidance throughout the process. Drawing upon his own lifelong quest for spiritual, mental, and physical health, Jim Gilkeson shares the wealth of his own experiences with wit and wisdom.

"This is an insider's view of alternative healing. Jim Gilkeson writes from true experience as a healer, and he demystifies the process. He offers real-life examples of how to use subtle energy fields to integrate health and mental states. Read this book also for the fine style. This is enjoyable literature, because of the anecdotes and research he brings to his narrative. The book is enjoyable reading in itself, and further offers practical techniques for healing self and a partner."

author of Touching the Sky and Tulip Elegies: An Alchemy of Writing

"Reading this outstanding book is like taking a comprehensive course in the theory and practice of subtle-energy healing. Jim Gilkeson has created a highly informative and highly practical guide accessible to just about anyone."

past president of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM)

"Jim Gilkeson is a true poet in the language of the body. His gentle wisdom challenges our perceptions about the many levels of illness and healing, and opens our eyes and hearts to miraculous possibilities. This book is a healing gift for anyone seeking the secrets of healing energy."

author of Sabbath : Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest;
Legacy of the Heart : The Spiritual Advantages of a Painful Childhood;

How, Then, Shall We Live?: Four Simple Questions
that Reveal the Beauty and meaning of our Lives

This brilliant and accessible books is sensitive, insightful, elegant, and poetic. Yet its true brilliance lay in Jim Gilkeson's ability to take arcane and complex subject matter and translate it into a crystal-clear description of how the human energy system works and to provide practical hands-on exercises and healing protocols to demonstrate and apply that knowledge. With humor and reverence, the book guides the reader into a greater understanding of the Mystery. It is a precious gift.

author of The Little One Diaries

"As a student of spiritual healing, I have studied most books written on energy healing. Some are just plain whacko, others are really text-books that need you to attend a workshop to really benefit. Here, Jim Gilkeson did something amazing. This book is both a readable introduction to energy work - from the solid foundation of experience - and has powerful exercises and meditations (or healing routines for others) that really help things move.

"If you are looking to really get into your energy system and experience it - I would advice this book as the soundest energy healing text around. It is entertaining, wise, and easy to use. The exercise using triangles with a release stage led me into the first experience of my primal anger - detached from cause. I felt it sweeping out from me and upwards. It was a genuine release from the sacral area and after that came great calm.
"As an introduction it is great. As a set of extra techniques for healers it is profound. And Jim is a good guy. You can write to him by e-mail with questions and he responds.
Let's hope the sequel is coming soon!"

Hof Ha Carmel, Israel,
Author of Doors to the Heart

From NAPRA Review's Spring Announcements 2000:

The Future of Medicine

review of
Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth
By Jim Gilkeson

This 15-year veteran practitioner of energy healing (also called intuitive healing or subtle energy practice) delivers a straightforward book that accommodates both steadfast reading or browsing at will. "Must" reading for practitioners, this valuable source guide is written for anyone seeking self-empowerment in matters of well-being. Gilkeson writes, "[I]f you picked up this book . . .[you've probably] already recognized the enormous potential of the energetic dimension of life, not only in therapeutic terms, but also in terms of inner growth and spiritual development." In answer to this perceived readership, he includes a satisfying combination of practical instruction and spiritual guidance. Organized around six "Etheric Laboratories," the key elements of energy healing—from the basics of recognizing and working with healing energy to partner work and chakra balancing—effortlessly flow into one another, leading one to a new place in life consciousness. (Feb.) -NQ

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