Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth
Jim Gilkeson
Bay Area Referrals


My main practice is at Harbin Hot Springs in Lake County, CA. I also come bi-monthly to San Rafael, but my schedule is often full. Here is a list of Bay Area practitioners who are known to me and whom I can recommend to you. If you use their services, please give them my best regards.

Celine Germain
San Francisco and Berkeley
(510) 548-4004

Amrit Rai
Mill Valley and San Francisco
(415) 994-7119

Joshua Margolis, LAc
East Bay & Santa Rosa
(415) 997-8171
(707) 861-0625

Raven Light
San Francisco & Albany
(415) 273-5653

Lucia Castillo, LAc, CST
(510) 204-9664