Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth
Jim Gilkeson
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The Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth Newsletter and Article Archive is a running chautauqua on the teaching and learning of energywork, a resource for those who would like to learn the craft of energy healing in the context of spiritual growth. It is a contribution to a spirituality interested in grounding, centering and expanding consciousness, while maintaining an engagement with everyday life.

Please Note: For the time being, the free monthly newsletter is a free-access archive of past issues (2001 - 2007), full of tips, step-by-step instructions, words of wisdom, sneak previews of new books. As we move forward, I foresee the newsletter becoming a blog, and this archive becoming a searchable set of articles.

Meanwhile, your "subscription" means that you will be in the loop for communications about my work, new books and classes.

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The Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth Newsletter.

As ever, thank you for your interest in energy healing and the spiritual and personal growth issues surrounding it.

You can conribute by making a donation or by purchasing books and CDs: This newsletter and archive are provided free of charge. If you have benefited from reading this newsletter and receiving the energy healing exercises and articles in it, please consider making a financial contribution to support a number of ongoing energy healing projects. Click here for information.

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