Energy Healing: A Pathway to Inner Growth
Jim Gilkeson
A Pilgrim in Your Body

Energy Healing and Spiritual Process

by Jim Gilkeson

Published by iUniverse, 2009, 244 pages, 8 1/4 x 11" paperback

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About the Book
A Pilgrim in Your Body
guides the reader into universal principles and practices of energywork with a wealth of personal exercises, partner treatments and entertaining vignettes. This book serves three different, but interlocking purposes.

A Pilgrim in Your Body

  • sets energy healing in the context of a psycho-spiritual undertaking and spiritual process,
  • presents fifteen major recurring themes that show up in all energywork, regardless of the modality or style,
  • and introduces personal energy-oriented practices for the internal work of anyone interested in opening new pathways to inner growth and cultivating their spiritual qualities and potentials.
From the Introduction: "Your involvement with energy-oriented healing work puts you in a unique position with regard to how the dramatic events taking shape in our world affect people. For it is in the energy field that surrounds and penetrates our physical bodies that we process, mostly unconsciously, the dramas and traumas of our lives. Never before have so many individuals been in need of therapies that address the level of deep transformation that is erupting in their worlds, not to mention in the world we all share. The tools of energy healing give us access to this dimension."

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